All Life Unfolds As Its Meant To

Humility and strength come from perseverance of following ones path.

It is not about being the best or being above another, but it is of being humble and of service to the greater good that one must learn in order to receive the true abundance and gifts from the universe.

Dedication and determination and hard work and an exchange of energy must be made to continue the cycle of ebb and flow.

We have all been through periods of feeling lost and in the stillness we find the answers we seek.

Move with the energy of the universe and use this time of stillness and contemplation to find your true desires. Now is the time to go within and work on yourself.

Excuses and reasons keep you stuck in patterns that hold no true value. One must believe in oneself to overcome all struggles. Struggle is part of the journey like a cocoon turning into a butterfly.. There are struggles meant to help us grow strength before we fly.

The more we remain quiet and in stillness the more we grow with strength and develop patience to fly.

Rome wasn't built in a day nor is life meant to be fast paced or lived in a way in which we miss the small moments.

Being present fully enables us to constantly create. Each present moment is gone and can never be repeated. The only thing we can control in this moment is our present way of being.

Time is an illusion.. we can continue to think of everything that happened in the past however the more you focus on the past the more you create it in your future. The moment of power comes from deciding in this present moment what you want to create.

Do you want to continue creating what didn't work or create something new? Do you want to feel lost in the past or hopeful for what's yet to come?

We all have moments of doubt. Faith in what's to come is better served with a hint of trust and expectation that you already have it. If you believe you already have it, you can manifest it

Everything is vibration and energy. What you focus on you create so the key is to be it. Be what you want to attract. Be the key of your own dreams and unlock your desires and dreams and make it happen.

The more you decide what you want in the present moment the more u can attract it.. It's not about getting stuck in the beliefs and reality in this present moment but it's about attracting it to you in the future.

Everything comes back to the mind. How you think, feel, vibrate and what energy you emit. Our thoughts create as does our words and actions.

What actions are you putting forth to get what you want? Are you expecting it to come to you and be handed to you or are you actively making it happen?

Be the driving force and determination to get what you dream.. Only you can.. Only you can create, imagine and dream.. Only you can make this happen and attract what you want.. What you focus on you attract. It comes back to you, your thoughts and your words. Your vibration attracts what you put out

Channeled by Jo Watt 27/10/20 ©Watt Unifies Me 2020

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