Be Still & Listen To Your Heart

It's time Dear one. Time to crack yourself wide open to feel and see the passion in your soul. Feel the depths of the magic and wisdom held deep within your being. Imagine the ultimate power and strength of your will break through all barriers that keep you limited. You are limitless. Strong as steel as you feel and sense and allow yourself to dive deeper and deeper into the depths of who you truly are. Believe.. believe in all that you are. Believe that no matter what faces you, you are pure and limitless. May you rise up to the challenge of taking on the desire to help set yourself free and reach the depths of unconditional love. Let the shadows be exposed and filtrated with light as you expose, acknowledge and heal all that is broken and wounded. May the gold settle in the cracks filling the holes and wounds with sweetness and delight. Be still. Feel. Embrace. For when you do that all will come in it's divine potential to reveal to you who you truly are.

Channeled by Jo Watt 3/11/20

©Watt Unifies Me 2020

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