Feeling Lost Is Apart Of The Journey

Sometimes feeling lost is apart of the journey. The more we untangle, and our beliefs are shaken up and we are torn in many different directions makes us stop and reassess what is important. It's ok to be unsure. It's ok to be confused and torn in the directions that's breaks us out of our comfort zones. As one door closes another, one opens and the more and more we fight the signs that it's time for growth the more we struggle and remain lost. It's ok to feel scared of what's unknown and yet to come. It's ok to grieve for what's been lost, but its also time to celebrate new beginnings and changes coming up on the horizon. Be still and listen to your heart. Bask in the silence and feeling of uncertainty because when the time comes and an opportunity presents you, you will know you are back on the path and in alignment again. Embrace the mystery of the road called life. Its forever changing. However to get to where you want to be you must embrace the changes, let go of the old and truly FOCUS on what it is you want as our thoughts do create. The more you focus on the feeling of being lost and stuck the more you remain that way. What is it you truly want? What is it you truly desire? What is it you want to attract? Only the answers reside within you and once you find yourself and reconnect everything will begin to flood to you again like a wave of energy manifesting and bringing to you your desires and dreams. We are never truly lost. Just at a crossroad with new opportunities to tap into. Thats where the magic is.

Channeled by Jo Watt 27/11/20

©Watt Unifies Me 2020

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