Its Time For The World To Wake Up

I want the world to feel. Feel safe and nurtured so they can express and let go. Free to express the emotions trapped inside, Feel the sun warming their skin, allowing their cells to come alive and bask in the light. Feeling free to dance and play with movement and ecstasy. As they step out of the shadows and reveal what’s been suppressed and hidden.

I want the world to feel safe. Knowing that when they can no longer keep it together, They are supported to release and let go. Able to surrender and fall apart allowing the waves to move through them. Allowing the breath to inhale and exhale with relief as we let go and go deeper into the moment.

I want the world to have the freedom to express. Express their deepest desires, allowing them the freedom to be themselves. Raw, authentic, and real. Surrendered to the whisper of their heart and they move in unison with their soul.

I want the world to know that everything is ok. That each challenge and obstacle is merely a lesson here to help us grow. Cracking us wide open with pain and emotion so we can express life in its true form. In its captivating beauty of pure self-expression. Knowing that we are here for the experience, showing us we are alive.

I want the world to see life through the eyes of each other. See different perspectives, Standing in the shoes of another and coming to a mutual compassion and understanding. Observing the mirrors around us who reflect our own traits and pain. Revealing to us who we truly are.

I want the world to know. Know that everything is in divine timing and that everything we endure as a collective is pre-destined because this is what we chose to experience.

I want the world to reconnect more deeply with each other. In harmony, In love. In hope. In unity. Dropping the labels, the barriers, the differences we have all been programmed with that have kept us separate and divided. Realising that we are all One, all connected, and all unique in our own way.

I want the world to find connection. Connection with our Mother Earth who is always there; supporting us, grounding us, and nurturing us. I want us all to find connection to each other, as Divine beings, all born from our One Creator. And a deeper connection to ourselves. Our highest self and inner child, our purest and most heart centred version of ourselves.

We all have this within us, yet we are disconnected and numbing ourselves with addictions, food, tv, shopping, validation from external sources and people pleasing all searching for connection, when the answers have always been within.

Its time to reconnect. Reconnect to yourself. Reconnect to Nature and our Mother Earth. Reconnect with each other in deeper meaningful, raw and authentic ways, Expressing, Feeling, Nurturing and coming back into harmony as One.

It's time for the world to wake up. It's time to be.

Written by Johanna Watt


©Watt Unifies Me 2021

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