Unravelling the Darkness For A Brighter Future

Dashboard I had this channelled writing come through a few days ago inspired by the Pluto archetypal energies.. With everything we have all struggled with especially in 2020 I hope this channeled poem and writing gives you hope that you can overcome anything life throws at you. 2020 has revealed to us many of our hidden wounds and triggered us in many ways, bringing up pain and emotions. It's made us question and begin to wake up and discover the truth about the world we live in. Many of the planetary alignments, retrogrades and transits have given us the opportunity to reassess, dig deep and become introspective and discover what truly matters to us. With much pain and uncertainty in the world this past year and the times ahead, know that we are now transitioning into the New Age of Aquarius and there is much hope and things to look forward to. The road will be bumpy but with determination we can overcome this and become stronger. Our collective has been undergoing a process of waking up and transforming and now is the time to awaken the truth of your soul and discover that you are the divine, you are a sovereign being and the power and answers and knowledge is all within you and always has been.. the secret is to reconnect back to yourself, dig deep, find your own truth and listen to your heart. Remain in the vibration of love as love is ultimately what connects us together and lifts us all up. Fear is an illusion designed to keep you controlled, separated, submissive and defenceless to the control systems. The best offense is to raise your vibration and emit unconditional love for all of humanity.. Unify as one and reconnect. My hope is this channeled poem inspires, and gives you the courage to know everything you need is within you and always has been.. it's time to embrace it! My hope is you all are blessed with a transformational 2021 and rediscover hope for a brighter future. From my heart to yours, Jo

Unravelling the Darkness For A Brighter Future By Johanna Watt 30/12/2020

In the depths of our despair, pain and wounding, We are reborn, transformed and evolved beyond belief. With every nook and cranny, He digs deep within our soul. Exposing the pain, Digging at our core, And feeling the depths of emotions as the wounds release. With every aspect we see things from all angles, New perspectives arise as we fill the wounds with golden honey, Bringing the sweetness of our souls delight as we heal yet another wound. The more we fight and resist the hotter the cast iron burns, Burning us from the inside out until we can no longer take the pain and suffering. Until we surrender and release the deep core pain. It's time to feel. Dig deep. Discover. Learn. Transform. It's time to wake up, shake things up and release what no longer serves. With time and effort comes rebirth & a time of new growth and opportunities. So first we must destruct the old before we can welcome in the new. Go with it, let him take you to the deepest darkest places and aspects and face the shadow head on without fear. Now It's time to be brave. Time to face the pain and time to take a step forward. With great pain of letting go comes uncertainty of the unknown, However the unknown is a beautiful place you are able to create and manifest your dreams after the hard work is done.. Believe. Believe in your soul and your higher self to overcome and get through this because this is what you agreed to. This is the end game of the trauma and suffering and wounded aspects and karma as you know it. There is no room for that here anymore. There is no room for the pain and wounds in your life anymore. The time has come to embrace what is to come and put in the hard work. After the soot and ashes turns to dust after much destruction of the rigid structures of ingrained painful memories brought to the surface, there is nothing left. Nothing left to hold onto. Nothing left to cling or relive as the triggers aren't there anymore. The wounds remain a memory with no emotional attachment. The old thoughts self destruct and cease to exist anymore. While the old ceases to exist the new sinks in and fills the gaps and holes where the trauma once lied. The golden thread of hope is restored and the personal hell is no longer there. We are freed. Freed from our pain, Our destructive wounds that kept repeating after we had continued to keep pushing them under the carpet, Hoping that by burying our head in the sand it would no longer be there hurting us. With the resolution and release of destruction and pain comes a beautiful Phoenix shining brightly, Rising from the destruction and ashes that was once our living hell, Transformed stronger, wiser, and reborn never the same. Burning any residual wounding as it reaches the surface and exposes the remaining hidden shadows with bright light and persistence exclaiming that enough is enough and that there is only room for growth and new learnings. While there is a constant evolution and upheaval with our dear Pluto as he moves around the planets, We learn there is much to learn, Many structures to break down and rebuild and much left to transform on our journey. As the ruler of the underworld, the keeper of everything dark and hidden deep in the depths of our soul, He digs, and digs and digs, Searching for nuggets of gold as he persists and pushes and prods everything painful & destructive in our life so we learn the lessons and find our true self. A beautiful, captivating, beam of source light shining brightly after the storm has passed and settled. With the salty tears and depth of darkness as we go within, Our hardest lessons and pain engulfs us as he opens us up to express what's been left hidden and ignored. We have one choice. Heal & let go or suffer. Once we come to the surface and bask in the bright light and come up for air, It's beautiful. The light is at the end of he tunnel, you just have to dig. The freedom is close. Freedom to finally be yourself and release the chains of the past. It's now time to begin the journey of transformation and evolve into the beautiful butterfly that Pluto knows you are destined to become. Copyright Watt Unifies Me 2020

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