Wisdom To Get You Through Your Day

As time goes by, we begin to unravel what no longer serves us and we begin to follow our own heart & inner voice. Remember while the road may at times feel shaky and scary, know that everything is meant to fall into place when we begin to follow our own song & dance to our own rhythm & beat.

It's ok to disconnect. Detach from everything that seeks to destroy your inner peace. Life is too short to be anything other than happy. Let go freely of what no longer serves you.

It's ok to feel a sense of urgency in expressing yourself in a new light despite the expectations of what others or society expects of you.

It's ok to feel the emotions rise and fall and move with the tides of change. Emotions are just energy & when we allow them to move through us, we allow our energy to flow & your authenticity to shine.

It's ok to discover that what you thought what you wanted is actually out of alignment completely. So follow your heart & move in accordance with where feels good.

It's ok to change direction, to flow and move in a complete different direction as nothing is ever permanent or fixed. It only remains fixed if we choose to remain the same.

It's ok to let go of who you thought you needed to be and its ok to let yourself be free and wild and express the rawness and vulnerability of the true spark within you that desires to be heard and seen.

It's ok to listen to your heart. The more we listen to ourselves the more we can connect and nurture our true self by following our own rhythm and beat.

It's ok to value your own purpose over what others expect of you. Enjoy your own journey and dance to what sparks true for you.

It's ok to feel the range of emotions and express yourself in ways that enable you to release the pressure of energy within you. Suppression keeps us stuck and harms our mind, body & soul. Let it go.

It's ok to allow yourself to flow into imagination & play, to allow your soul to dance & have fun again. Stop being so serious & allow yourself to surrender to the magic in your soul who just desires to feel free and wild.

It's ok to seek and develop a sense of curiosity. Look outside the box, think critically & take everything with a grain of salt, and follow only the true wisdom from your own heart that resonates with your own soul. Allow the rest to flow off you like water off a duck's back.

It's ok to hold space for yourself when you need to nurture & give back to yourself. Its never selfish to say no by respecting your own boundaries, its self loving.

It's ok to take time out from everything that overwhelms you. Sometimes our own peace of mind and time for relaxation is all we need to recuperate and nurture your own soul for your mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

It's ok to say no to what is out of alignment with your own compass. If it doesn't resonate, let it go and find something that sparks joy.

Its ok to be unique & different. So many of us feel we have to "fit in" to be accepted. While society programs us to be like everyone else, we are actually going against what our own soul craves & shutting down our own self expression to be our own unique authentic self. The most loving thing you can do for yourself is to be yourself without caring what anyone else thinks.

It's ok to cry. Sometimes circumstances, events, people or things can hurt us. When we feel triggered allow the tears to flow and the hurt to express, breathe & become aware of what surfaces. Unhealed wounds give us an opportunity to heal what's been left open and gives us time to process, deal with & integrate the wounds as they come back together.

It's ok to feel lost. Sometimes in the process of feeling lost we open ourselves up to a state of openness, confusion & surrender so the opportunities may present themselves to us that we perhaps were never considering to start with.

It's ok to feel angry. Anger shows us where our boundaries have been crossed and our fears reside. Under every emotion presents other emotions that come and go like waves. Allow yourself to express them in healthy ways & let them go. Holding onto negative emotions lowers your vibration.

It's ok to allow yourself to be vulnerable. When we allow ourselves to be authentic, raw and real, we open up the opportunity for other to do the same.

It's ok to try new things. Sometimes the new and unknown may seem scary, but on the other side of fear is something we are yet to experience which could be the best thing we ever did.

While the journey may at times feel challenging, know you are never alone & your Higher Self seeks to support and guide you always.

Channeled by Jo Watt


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